Transfers - important steps in every career

"Baumgarten” is an “exclamation mark” in the German professional sport - scene.

No Agent/no agency has carried out more transfers from aboard to the Bundesliga in the last couple of years than Lars – Wilhelm Baumgarten with his team.

Almost no professional search for talents takes place in which we are not included in. We know the players and the football clubs and therefore we can decide in which club our players have the best possibilities to develop themselves and to achieve their aims. Based on these facts we decide together with the client the best next career steps.  We do not care about making quick money by pushing through as many transfers as possible.

We want the best optimized career with the right and necessary intermediate steps because we do not just care about the next few years but the whole career and the life afterwards.

Our international network allows us to realize transfers in all European Top – Leagues.

Find out here, which transfers and contract-extensions we managed in the last years for the Bundesliga and other international Top-Leagues

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