Simon Rolfes

21.01.1982, defensive midfielder

Simon Rolfes is a caring family man, who loves nature and peacefulness outside the soccer arena.  His wife and his daughter give him the balance that he needs for his intelligent and strategic way of playing. His professional way of managing a balanced life is exemplary, not only regarding nutrition, but also concerning regeneration and personal fitness. He is a typical all-rounder and is very knowledgeable in economics.

In 2000 Simon Rolfes began his partnership with Lars-Wilhelm Baumgarten. At that time he was still playing for Werder Bremen II. 2001 he received his first professional contract in Bremen and was on loan at Reutlingen until Mai 2003. As a German Double champion with the championship and national cup he changed to Bayer Leverkusen in 2005. Today he is the captain of the Champions – League participant and also national player.

In 2008 he became the vice – European champion with the German national team in Austria and Switzerland.

Simon Rolfes

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